puts you in control with Emicor's Emisoft®, an affordable, cost-effective, easy to use, secure and complete All-In-One solution to your salon software management needs using your own computer. We have made the complicated simple!

Our cost is LESS THAN WHAT YOU MIGHT BE PAYING FOR A CREDIT CARD MACHINE ALONE as part of a Point of Sale Cash Register. You have that feature and MUCH, MUCH MORE! And with our new credit card merchant customers, we give you a FREE Credit Card Proccessing Terminal. We will match or beat your existing Credit Card Merchant Rate.

Bottom line: You'll not only be saving money, you'll be getting more for your money with the Emisoft® salon management software, barber shop software, and spa software system, and it's also great for health & wellness centers and nail salons.

Emicor's Emisoft® utilizes a Web-based "cloud computing" technology where your information is safely stored on our secure servers. In the event your computer crashes or your hard drive gets corrupted, your data is not lost; it's protected safe and secure on our servers. Your Emisoft® salon software program includes the features that will aid you in the successful management of a salon, barber shop, spa, or nail salon business. It includes a Point of Sale (POS) system, your cash register for all transactions, including credit card processing. You can get qualified as a new credit card merchant customer in 3 easy steps by clicking on the application link above and there's no cost to apply. If you are qualified for a new credit card merchant account through us, we provide you with a FREE Credit Card Processing Terminal. This integrated salon management software can synchronize with your existing Website for online appointment booking. If you need a Website and its hosting, our Emiweb team can help provide that for you at better than competitive prices. Call for details.

Coming to means you've come to the right place, the right resource for your business! The Emicor Emisoft® salon management software system is comprehensive. It's time-saving. It's efficient. It's low cost. And it puts you firmly in control of essential elements that are needed for a successful hair and beauty salon, barber shop, spa, or nail salon business.

Your Emisoft® salon management software was developed over nearly a 3-year period by our staff of industry and IT programming professionals. It was designed to be comprehensive, secure, with a power and ease of use that will put you in control and on top of your business at all times with such features as seen above, including POS, Appointment Book, Service & Inventory Management, Credit Card Integration, Automatic Email Notifications, Text Messaging Reminders, Fingerprint Time Clock (optional), Client and Employee Databases, Marketing, Birthday Reminders, Accounting and Payroll, sections for Tips, Commissions & Renters sections, Reports to better analyze and guide your business, elements for Data and Security Protection, Surveillance (optional), and Remote Access so that you can access your Emisoft® program and surveillance wherever you have an Internet connection—your own home, or on vacation. Click on the links above on the left for more details.