Client Database

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. Your easy-to-use Emisoft® software enables you to easily establish a rich and useful client database. Your information-rich CLIENT database will help you deliver excellent customer service, anticipate client needs, put client history at your fingertips, and encourage customer loyalty.
Client Database 1
Easily Add or Edit
Client Information
  • Through the POS (Point of Sale) section
  • Or, add clients in the MANAGE CLIENTS section
  • Track and follow up on non-returning clients
Detailed Client Information
  • Complete Contact Information—address, phone, cell, email
  • Birthday
  • Preferences: Cut Codes, Perm, Massage, etc.
  • Stylist and Technician Preferences
  • Color Formula, if any
  • Service Preferences
  • Skin Type and Condition
  • Service History
  • Special Notes
  • Synchronizes with entire program
  • More!
Client Database 2
Client Database 3
Export, Import or Save
Client Data
  • Export, Import or Save Client Information from other
    sources in Word, Excel, or CSV formats
  • Save to disk or memory stick flash drive or other
    external storage devices
"In a people business, knowing your people is essential and Emisoft® helps you do exactly that!"